Don’t Get Caught In The Gear Game

Image of my gear at the MTS TriathlonTriathlon is expensive. You need a wetsuit and a good pair of goggles for the swim. But you also need swim shorts to train in and access to a pool. This means you need a gym membership or you can pay pool fees.

You also need a bike, a helmet, bike shoes, cleats, etc. But for your first sprint race you should ride what you have. If you don’t have a bike, get an inexpensive road bike. You don’t need a carbon fiber bike or aero this or that. Just get a nice comfortable bike with clip-in cleats and bike shoes. If you can’t ride with cleats yet, don’t even try.

I know the picture above is not at all what I am saying here in the text. That picture was taken was taken during my fourth race, not my first.

The run is probably the cheapest part because you just need shoes, shorts and a shirt. But your legs and feet are important, so you don’t want to skimp on your shoes. You want a good pair of shoes from a reputable shoe company.

After all this, even the socks start to feel expensive as you need more than one pair. You will be spending a lot of money on this new obsession of yours. Do yourself a favor and keep your spending to only what you absolutely need.

If you read the websites or triathlon magazines, you will quickly get the message that your equipment will determine how well you do in the race. But let me tell you what few magazines will: how well you do in the race is 98% determined by your training and your attitude and none of that 98% costs a penny. There are no corporations out there making a profit off of your effort, so you wont see any glitzy ad campaigns encouraging you to work out, unless they are telling you to work out with their product and the message is always that your workout will be more productive if you do it with their product. Don’t believe it.

Your equipment could make up the other 2%. If you are going for the win, you can and should spend all the money you can afford to get that extra 2%. In a long race, that could be five to ten minutes! Jumping up five minutes with no more effort is huge for a competitive triathlete. For the rest of us, don’t get caught in that trap. Your benefit will be less that what an elite athlete enjoys, and in your eight hour race who cares about five or even twenty minutes?  In your first sprint race, the difference will be nil. You do want a decent bike, good shoes, and a comfortable wetsuit but you don’t have to spend a lot for any of those and you surely don’t need the latest technology so if you have to buy a bike, get a used one or get last year’s bike on sale.

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