Planning A Ride With Google Maps

Google Maps is a great way to plan a ride. Go to and zoom in on your house or wherever you want to start the ride. I zoomed in on my pool because that’s where I start a lot of swims, bikes, and runs.

Right-Click where you want to start your ride and select “Directions from here” when the dialog box opens up.


Right click to the right of where you clicked before and choose “Directions to here.”


Click the bike button to create bike directions to create the shortest possible bike ride ever.


Now drag the middle of the path upward to a street above and you will then have a loop.

You can drag any of the paths to create a larger loop.

Click “Details” on the left to show the turns and directions

You can now print out the directions or just memorize where to turn if you are familiar with the area. You can even click a button to send the directions to your phone.

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