Week Two Training

Image of Irene Suroso running in the Oakland Triathlon
Irene Suroso running in the Oakland Triathlon. Photo by Tony Farley

chart showing week two of the training planWeek two will be almost exactly like week one, with a few changes. Feel free to move days around if you need to to fit your schedule. You may feel like week two should build and be more difficult, but I want you to avoid that kind of thinking. Week one was a great workout week. You did three runs, two swims, and two rides! You did it last week, you can do it again. Remember that you are coming off the couch and are now starting to work out.

Week two is when injuries can happen. You are all pumped and ready to go hard and your muscles, ligaments, and joints are not ready. Your body will be ready for more in a few weeks but right now I need you to stick to the plan.

Week two is also when the novelty wears off and some will quit. You’re still tired, your body may be sore, you may be feeling a bit down or doubting what or why you are doing all this. These are all normal feelings when you have kicked yourself in the butt and made a big change in your life. If I told you right now that this is going to be an epic week with twice as much to do, you might feel like this is all too much. That would be terrible. You’re gonna do the same as last week. No worries.

You may also have some friends and family that are trying to “care” for you by sideways trying to get you to quit. You may hear comments like “you’re crazy” or they may call you good natured names like “Mr. or Ms. Triathlete.” It’s not that they want you to quit. They feel a little uncomfortable that you are stepping out of the ordinary. They may want you to come back to ordinary because ordinary you is who they are used to.

That’s where these kinds of comments come from. These comments expose their vulnerabilities and concerns, not yours. This is normal human behavior and it usually happens between those who love each other most. It does not mean they love you less, or want you to fail. It means they love you so much they are scared that you are changing, or scared that you might fail.

This is when you need to spend time with them and reassure them that you are still there, that this new thing will only be taking an hour of your day, that they are still #1. If you have kids, you cannot loose touch with them during this time of training. You are making positive changes in your life! Continue that effort and commitment with your family and friends or none of this is worthwhile.

You can bet they will be there at the finish line cheering you on and proud of your finish.

On to the training!

Week 2 Day 1
  • Walk a bit to get moving.
  • Run until winded.
  • Walk until breathing and heart rate normalize.
  • Repeat Walk/Run twice more for a total of 3.
  • Do one more walk/run on the way back and increase your speed on the run.
  • Walk the rest of the way.
  • Post or journal your results, how you felt, and how you feel now.

Your day 1 workout will be a run just like your runs last week. Start by walking and then run until your breathing becomes labored and then you will walk until your breathing slows and you feel like you are ready for more. Repeat this until you get to where you were able to get last week and then turn around and walk/run back.

There is one little change that I want you to do with this run. When you are near the end and you have just one more run/walk to do, pick up the pace and run fast. This is going to get your breathing and heart beating fast. Breath hard and push yourself a bit. Start walking when you have to. Walk a little extra if you need and drink some water. I usually bring a water bottle out on a run with me and stash it after my first walk/run segment so I can pick it up and drink during that last segment. It gives me something to look forward to during the workout.

Week 2 Day 2
  • Walk a bit to get moving.
  • Run until winded.
  • Walk until breathing and heart rate normalize.
  • Repeat Walk/Run twice more for a total of 3.
  • Do one more walk/run on the way back with increased speed on the run.
  • Walk the rest of the way.
  • Post or journal your results, how you felt, and how you feel now.

Don’t go further, don’t go faster, just pick it up for that last run and maybe walk a little more at the end to allow your body to cool down.

Week 2 Day 3
  • Swim up and back 10 times sighting once per pool crossing.
  • Do more if you are feeling good.
  • Do at least one up and back as a cool down.
  • Post or journal your results, how you felt, and how you feel now.

Swimming in a pool has some drawbacks for the triathlete. The black stripe you can follow to the other end of the pool will not be there in an open water swim. In a pool you can swim with your head down all the way across the pool and there’s even a stripe to tell you when you are almost across. In open water swimming, you need to pop your head up quickly after every four to six strokes to see where you are going and make sure you are on course. Your swims are going to emulate this.

On every cross of the pool, when you are half way across, raise your head and look to the other side of the pool. Your head raise should not interupt the flow of your swim stroke in any way. Take a normal breath and then on the next stroke, tilt your head up so your eyes are out of the water and take a quick look forward. Finish the stroke and then take another breath. You should not try to get a breath on the stroke you are looking forward on. Taking a breath at the same time you look forward will require you to lift your head way out of the water and will slow you down. Your mouth should stay under the water when you look forward. It takes practice, that’s why you are starting this practice early.

Swim ten lengths of the pool. Rest as long as you need after each crossing. See if you can limit your rests to about 10-15 seconds after each lap but take more if you need. Do a couple cool down laps.

Week 2 Day 4
  • Ride 4-8 miles
  • Start easy and build to a good pace.
  • Drink water or a sports drink on your ride.

Today is ride day! Ride 4-8 miles depending on your ability and how your backside feels. Do the first half of the ride nice and easy. Drink liquids and eat a nutritional bar. Pick up the pace for the second half of your ride and go fast!

Week 2 Day 5&6
  • Rest and read

Week 2, Day 5 and 6 are rest days! Enjoy some time with friends and family.

Week 2 Day 7
  • 2×25 warmup
  • 8x25s
  • 1×50 cool down
  • Total: 300 yards or meters.

Week 2, Day 7 is swim day. Ten 25s. Do two 25’s as a warmup and then eight fast and strong on the way across the pool then slow on the way back. This is a little speed work in the pool. Just like in running, you are pushing yourself a little faster than you normally would go. Stick with the plan and this will be your normal speed in a few weeks. Remember to sight once every mid crossing. Rest as much as you need and repeat eight times. Cool down with a couple easy 25s.

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